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Aimers Academy's Rockstar Tutors

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Name: Mr. Singh

Subject Expertise:- Math

Tip to students for success:- Believe in are the only one who can change your fortune ..

Fun fact:- I like to trek to higher mountains of the Himalayas

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Rajat / RDT

Subject Expertise:- SAT & ACT (Math) 

Tip to students for success:- 'Education is one thing that no one can take away from you'.

Fun fact:- I was a DJ and I still electronic music mainly techno house and big room house.

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Subject Expertise:- SAT (English)

Tip to students for success:- Hard work and sincere dedication always pay off.

Fun fact:- I love to talk with the students and mingle as a friend rather than as a teacher. I like to listen to their stories.

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Mayank Jaiswal (MJ)

Subject Expertise:-  Math (Advance)

Tip to students for success:- Your thoughts make you a winner & The power of imagination makes us infinite.

Fun fact:- I never won a medal in Badminton but I used to be famous for my smashes in college and I’m still famous for the same in my office too.
In childhood, I used to dream of playing a Badminton match with India’s best player.

IMG_5667 - Bhavna Saini.jpeg
Bhavna Saini

Subject Expertise:- Chemistry

Tip to students for success:- The only source of knowledge is experience- by Albert Einstein

Fun fact:- I have a deep passion for trekking and hiking. These outdoor activities allow me to explore nature, embrace adventure, and create memorable experiences.


Subject Expertise:- Physics

Tip to students for success:- Nothing is impossible. It's better to understand things than mugging. No subject is difficult. Never let that phobia dominate your mind!

Fun fact:- I always try not to just remain engaged with books all the time but also indulge myself in extra activities.I prefer playing badminton and basketball. If not outdoors then I love to paint and write. This really relaxes my mind and helps with concentration too!

Hard Work, Dedication, and Results

Brennan James, USA

Digvijay was a great help to me in preparing for the SATs. He assigned me practice tests as homework and then we would review problems I didn't get correct in our tutoring sessions. In the beginning, I was scoring in the mid 1200s, and he helped me bring my 1540 final score up to a , with a perfect score in math (800) on both my SAT attempts.

Nandini Bhatt, USA


Hard Work, Dedication, and Results

It is natural to be skeptical about whether a tutor will really help you, especially in a subject such as math, which seems to be something solely derived from pure logic. As a senior hoping to take my math score to the next level, this was something that I struggled with, yet through the advice of a few of my friends, I discovered Digvijay Sir / Preponn. Through their simple yet effective style of teaching, they allowed me to grow my skills in the realm of math. The entire structure of the course was personalized for me, and this allowed me to move at a pace perfect for me. Through the classes here, I felt confident enough to retake the SAT and ended up scoring a perfect score in math for a composite total of 1590!

" Ronak Konadia, USA "

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